How to change my email

At the moment there is no functionality to change the email by users, but our specialists can do this.

You have to send a request to our customer support: chat icon in the corner of the screen.

But in order to change your email, we need to identify you as the owner of the account. Follow this points and provide as much details as possible in your request. If you don’t know or do not remember some information, specify it:

1) Your email address associated with your account;

2) Date of account registration; 

3) City and name of the Internet provider at the time of account registration;

4) Your referral ID;

5) A new mailbox to which you want to transfer your account.

6) What games have been added to the library;

7) Whether transactions were made. If yes, then provide information on them: date, time, amount, screenshots of checks.

After verifying the information, the email will be changed.


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